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How does the Reach To Recovery® program support people facing breast cancer?

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For more than 50 years, the American Cancer Society Reach To Recovery® program has been helping people cope with their breast cancer experience – as early as the first possibility of a diagnosis and continuing for as long as breast cancer remains a personal concern to them.

Finding out that you have breast cancer can make you feel overwhelmed, vulnerable, and alone. Suddenly having to learn about complex medical treatments and trying to choose the best one can also be stressful during this time.

As breast cancer survivors, our volunteers give patients an opportunity to express feelings, talk about concerns, and ask questions of someone who has been there. Most importantly, Reach To Recovery® volunteers offer understanding, support, and hope because they themselves have survived breast cancer. Program volunteers do not provide medical advice.

How does the program work?

Through our website and mobile app, you can create an online profile and match with a volunteer who has experienced a similar type of breast cancer, stage, and treatment. You can also choose how you want to connect with a volunteer – through online chat, a phone call, or exchanging messages. 

Within seconds, the Reach To Recovery® website and app compare your information and preferences to volunteer profiles and identify the best volunteer matches for you.   

To join Reach To Recovery® and create a profile, visit us at or download the mobile Reach To Recovery app.

Download the mobile Reach To Recovery® app

Our Reach To Recovery® program is made possible thanks to generous supporters like you.

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Our lifesaving work is made possible thanks to generous supporters like you.

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