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If you or someone you love has been diagnosed with cancer, deciding what’s next can be overwhelming. ACS CARES™ (Community Access to Resources, Education, and Support) equips those facing cancer with curated content, programs, and services to fit their specific cancer journey.


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Navigate the cancer journey with confidence.

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How ACS CARES™ Works

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Customized Guidance

Download the app and get personalized information and resources that update as you age, your situation changes or new information becomes available.

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Access to Information

24/7 access to receive over-the-phone support from trained American Cancer Society (ACS) staff.

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Support System

Virtual support from trained ACS community volunteers and in person support from clinic volunteers.

Get Help Navigating Life with Cancer


Receive non-clinical support to complement the health system's clinical navigation.


Access trusted information to alleviate concerns about any potential barriers to care including lodging, transportation, food insecurity, emotional health, financial health, dependent support, and more.


Gain a sense of security and confidence over your cancer journey.

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